Product Care

Candle Care

Our candles are hand made using natural beeswax, the shape, size and colour of each candle will slightly vary. Beeswax candles drip when they burn, this is a natural characteristic. Please follow these guidelines for a clean and smooth burn.

  • Do not burn candle unattended
  • Keep away from draft, children, pets and any flammable items
  • Avoid contact with skin
  • Ensure candle is clear of any wick trimmings or flammables before lighting
  • To remove any wax dripping from your furniture or cloth, wait until the wax is firm and lift from surface. If any wax is remaining, using a sharp tool or hot damp cloth can help remove wax. 

Scented candles

  • Burn candles for a minimum of 1-2 hour in the first use, to make sure the wax has melted evenly across. This helps to avoid tunneling and uneven burn.
  • Do not burn for more than 4 hours in one use, as longevity of the candle will shorten.
  • Avoid touching the candle container when in use and after it is burned. the container will be hot.
  • Trim wick regularly at 1/4” with each and every use.
  • Use a long matchstick or lighter when lighting the Large sized candles.

Taper Candles

  • Light Taper Candles on a heat resistant surface to catch dripping wax. Do not place on flammable items such as wood or cloth and burn the candles.
  • Trim wick regularly at 1/4” with each and every use. 


Ceramic Care

Our ceramics are handmade using clay. It is fragile and needs to be handled with care to avoid any chipping or breakage. They have been created to be heat resistant. Discolouration after frequent use can occur. To remove any dust or dirt, wipe with a damp cloth. To remove wax from ceramics, wait until the wax is firm and lift from ceramic. Remaining wax can be removed using a sharp tool or hot damp cloth.


Incense Care

  • Burn on incense holder or heat resistant surface.
  • Do not directly inhale smoke from incense.
  • Burn incense upright for longer burn time
  • Use a damp cloth to clean incense ashes.