Frequently asked questions

 Where can I buy your products?
You can shop our products online, we do international delivery.
You can find our store and stockists here
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Do you deliver to my area and how much is shipping?
We deliver locally in Kathmandu and Hong Kong. We provide international delivery from our Hong Kong Warehouse. Shipping fees are shown at checkout depending on your location.
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How do I care for my candles?
Candle care is essential to ensure your candle burns clean and smooth. View our product guidelines to look after your products.
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Can I return or exchange my items?
We cannot return used items, however if the item is damaged or faulty during shipment, we provide a return or exchange within 7 days after receiving your order.
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Why are beeswax candles more expensive?
We use the highest quality beeswax, sourced from local farmers in Nepal. We hand pour our candles which take skill and time. Beeswax is the most sustainable and renewable resource used to make candles. They burn longer, cleaner and brighter. It helps purify the air and emits positive ions.